Lexus LS Hybrid 600 L Review: Still in pursuit of perfection

Lexus LS Hybrid 600 L Review: Still in pursuit of perfection

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
23 Dec 2007

So unless some form of caste system is established, conflicts between the front and rear shall arise from the annoying rear screen that folds down to block off most of the scenery from the rear-view mirrors. This caste system would also be useful to quell any disputes from the limited real-estate in the boot, too, as the hybrid system seems to have gobbled up 175L of boot space, coming from the 505L capacity of the LS460.

Sadly, the supreme stillness isn’t partnered with enough interior aristocratic plush. Once again the great Lexus Letdown has reared its head. The texture and feel of the seat upholstery, although leather, would be at best acceptable in a lesser Lexus.

The Ottoman seat at full stretch reveals some glaring bits of fabric, flowering out of the joint between the backrest and the bum-rest. High touch areas are usually felt of glossy plastic bits and switchgear controls lacking the weight of confident solidity. Penultimately, the glove box door shuts loosely with room to flap, but to its credit, doesn’t make a rattly noise.

Lastly, one would have expected a better effort than a primitive flashing green LED clock to announce the time, because, for a current list price of SGD473,000, it’s a monumental embarrassment if that minor, however, hugely noticeable, device gets announced by a potentially discerning mate.

At the end of it all, the real questions asked are, would you appreciate this V8 Lexus luxury-liner, with the V12 performance, and the economy of a V6? As mechanically brilliant as the car is, are you willing to forgive a few oversights from the cabin? After all, Lexus is still in the pursuit of perfection.

Credits: Text and photos by Khong Shaohao

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