Revolutionary Tourer

Revolutionary Tourer

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
30 May 2016
What we like:
Feels like a sports car with a matching interior to boot
What we dislike:
Isn’t huge on space in the rear

There’s little to describe in the way of looks for this car because it’s just a handsome, handsome thing.

You get looks that will set your heart alight because of styling that’s mature, sporty and yet restrained enough to be neither a bengsmobile nor a young punk’s car. I never was a fan of the large air scoops that defined turbocharged Subarus, but this one mounted on the bonnet is executed so well even I have to concede it’s a plus point.

Proportions are well drawn out and the car has the proper dimensions to look good from all angles. This does not however translate to a large interior, because the rear bench remains cramped by today’s wagon standards. The overall quality of the cabin is excellent; there’s contrast blue stitching on the sports steering wheel that has all the controls you’ll ever need on it.

The infotainment system doesn’t come with GPS, but that’s about the only problem with it. You also get a secondary screen up on the centre of the dash which shows you things like your wheels’ traction and steering direction as well as turbo boost.

Rear seats fold completely flat; and I do mean completely because while some claim to be flat they still have a slight angle to them. Load carrying capability is up in the spades with a specially cut out section under the removable boot floor to stash the parcel shelf away should you want to fit bicycles in the rear.

In all then this car is a very well sorted piece of kit; if only it had a bit more space for passengers so you can try to make your mates puke in comfort (why not do a few figures to see what it would cost).

Credits: Story and Photos by Alvan Sio

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