5 Chinese New Year Superstitions for Cars

5 Chinese New Year Superstitions for Cars

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
21 Feb 2015

As the Chinese New Year approaches, we list down a few common superstitions related to cars that some Singaporeans believe in, and we find out the reason behind these beliefs too.

Many superstitions for cars for Chinese New Year are actually applied from existing superstitions and beliefs people have from their home.

1. A pair of oranges on the dashboard

The oranges show that the owner of the car is looking forward and ready to welcome the New Year. Also, many believe the pair of oranges brings good luck, and of course, makes a rather good looking decoration too.

2. Cleaning the car – inside and out – before the New Year

Just like how spring cleaning is done to a house before the New Year, spring cleaning has to be done to the car before the big day for the same reasons too. Not only will this clean for the car a shine on New Year’s Day, the belief is that sweeping and cleaning during the New Year will sweep good fortune away.

3. Preference to not drive a car with “X” or number 4 in the number plate

A few perhaps more traditional and superstitious Chinese feel that the number 4 is inauspicious as it bears the same tone as “death” in the Chinese language. To many, the letter “X” in the number plate should too be avoided as it may mean that the things the driver does will be unsuccessful, like how “X’ usually carries a negative connotation to it and means “wrong” such as in the case of schoolwork.

4. Preference to avoid using black cars

A less common belief, some Chinese avoid using black cars during Chinese New Year for fear that the inauspicious colour brings about bad luck, just like how some avoid wearing black clothes during this festive season for the same reason. Red cars are generally preferred.

5. Preference to open car windows on New Year’s Day

While it is a less-practiced belief, a few believe that an open window will bring good luck to those into the car, imitating the belief that open windows at home on New Year’s Day will bring good fortune to the house.

Have we missed out any superstitions that you know of? Write them in the comments section below to share them with us!


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