Daniel Ricciardo Says Western Australia Has Everything You Could Want On A Road Trip

Daniel Ricciardo Says Western Australia Has Everything You Could Want On A Road Trip

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
23 Oct 2023

Tourism Western Australia (TWA) has unveiled its 'Drive The Dream' road trips campaign, with the goal of motivating more Singaporeans to embark on an adventurous road journey across Western Australia, the largest and most diverse state in Australia. The campaign showcases Perth-native Formula 1 hero Daniel Ricciardo and seeks to inspire people to experience the freedom and excitement of a road trip.

Western Australia is a truly captivating road trip destination, known for its rich history, hidden treasures and stunning coastline. It's a land of natural wonders, striking contrasts and unique experiences where you can set out on the open road to discover remarkable attractions. From wine regions to coastal adventures, art trails to ancient Aboriginal encounters, Western Australia caters to every type of traveler.

The new campaign features an eight-minute short film featuring Daniel Ricciardo and his close friend Blake as they share their road trip adventure along the iconic Coral Coast Highway, stretching from Perth to Exmouth, covering 1200km. The duo invites viewers to join them as they swim with gentle whale sharks in the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Marine Park, catch fresh fish in Francois Peron National Park, go quad biking in Kalbarri, make a roadhouse stop for strawberry and cream lollies and indulge in stargazing and campfire stories at Bullara Station.

The campaign encourages Singaporean travellers to step out of their daily routines and immerse themselves in a dreamlike world where lakes appear bubble gum pink, waterfalls flow horizontally, tidal staircases seemingly climb to the moon and the world's happiest animal is always ready for a selfie. During this adventure, travelers can stand in the serenity of ancient caves, listen to thundering waterfalls teeming with wildlife, collect fresh farm produce, have a picnic in vineyards, camp under a star-filled sky, and hike natural wonders shaped by billions of years.

Carolyn Turnbull, Managing Director of Tourism WA, stated that the new 'Drive the Dream' campaign incorporates elements from Western Australia's global brand, 'Walking On A Dream,' as it effectively encapsulates all the awe-inspiring characteristics that make the state a wondrous, otherworldly, and dreamlike place to explore. Turnbull also emphasised that Singapore is a crucial source market for road trip vacations, as it offers an experience that locals cannot find at home.


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