Top 5 most dominant F1 cars of all time

Top 5 most dominant F1 cars of all time

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
08 Apr 2015

Having a fast and reliable car in the world of F1 isn’t enough. Teams also have to make sure they pop the correct talent behind the wheel of their machines. Once a team properly sorts out both the cars and the drivers, the result should be total dominance. That said, it is incredibly rare that teams get the combination right though. Having said that, the list below contains 5 examples of the times teams got the combination just right, resulting in some of the most dominant F1 cars of all time. The list is sorted chronologically, and the cars are ranked by the number of victories they have chalked up in a season.

1. Mercedes W05

Mercedes poured all of their resources and effort into developing their 2014 challenger since the 2012 season. The result was a highly balanced technologically advanced car that is fast and competitive from the get-go. No other team came close, and in theory, bar technical faults and the 2 drivers tripping over one another, it should have won every race of the season. It didn’t, but clocking 16 wins isn’t too bad as well. The victories meant that the Mercedes W05 clinched the German automaker’s first Constructor’s title in the hands of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, with the latter clinching his 2nd World Driver’s Championship as well.

2. McLaren MP4/4

The MP4/4 was driven by Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna to victory 15 times. The 1.5 litre V6 Turbo Honda motor mounted on the rear of the McLaren chassis powered the car to an impressive 15 poles as well. Their dominance was obvious at Imola, when both McLarens were clocking in 1:27s, whereas the other cars on track were up to 3 seconds a lap slower. This legendary F1 car helped Ayrton Senna win his first World Championship, whilst in the process, clinching the team’s fourth Constructors title.

3. Ferrari F2002

The Ferrari F2002 won 15 races in 2002, and proved to the masses that F1 cars can be reliable. Michael Schumacher finished every race he started in 2002, winning his fifth drivers’ title as early as Magny-Cours, with six races remaining. Rubens Barichcello failed to start the Spanish and French Grand Prix. The reliability was down to a brand new lightweight structure, along with a whole host of upgrades to the sidepods, radiators and exhaust systems, honed after 3 years of development on track.

4. Ferrari F2004

The F2004 was an evolution of the Championship-winning F2002. It was piloted by Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, and either driver stood on the top step of the podium 15 times in 2004. The car was essentially a highly evolved version of their 1999 challenger. Through 5 years of careful fine tuning, all of the issues have been ironed out, and the duo were an unstoppable force, so much so that even after 10 years, most of the lap records the F2004 achieved still stand.

5. Red Bull RB7

The Red Bull RB7 was driven by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. The chassis continues the domination of the Red Bull team, after winning both titles in 2010.Vettel failed to finish in the top five only twice. The chassis brought 12 wins and a second constructor’s title to the Austrian team, whilst helping Vettel win his second world driver’s championship as well.


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