5 Things We Need To Know About The One Of One Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia

5 Things We Need To Know About The One Of One Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
08 Mar 2023

For Rolls-Royce fans and customers, all eyes might be on the upcoming fully electric Spectre. But don’t let it distract you from the fact that the brand still relishes groundbreaking handcrafted innovations in the superluxury sphere.

Rolls-Royce’s latest one-off bespoke creation, Phantom Syntopia, is the most technically complex Bespoke Phantom ever produced. In collaboration with Dutch fashion designer and Couturière Iris van Herpen, both luxury houses have pushed boundaries of innovation, craftsmanship and luxury.

Based on Phantom Extended, here are five facts we need to know about this one-of-one commission:

Textured textiles

Syntopia’s interior features three-dimensional textile sculptures capturing the movement of flowing water. Precise symmetrical cuts reveal a silver “liquid metal”’ texture made from woven nylon fabric underneath, used in Iris van Herpen’s “Embossed Sounds” collection.

Headliner makes headlines

Unique ‘Weaving Water’ Starlight Headliner is the most complex in Rolls-Royce history. It’s crafted using a single sheet of leather, selected from over 1,000 hides.

Mobile gallery

Exclusive Gallery artwork is hand-crafted by specialists at the Home of Rolls-Royce and Iris van Herpen's Amsterdam atelier. Combining traditional Haute Couture techniques and innovative visual forms, this work includes a further 85 petals attached by hand by Iris van Herpen’s team working at Goodwood.

It smells good, too

This is the first Rolls-Royce to use a Bespoke scent. The core scent is cedarwood sourced specially from the clients’ home region. The base combines powdery notes of Iris, obtained using a fluid extraction technology, with added hints of leather, blended with rose from Patagonia and a mild lemon.

One-off dress comes as “standard” for the client

Iris van Herpen will design a one-off Haute Couture garment to match Phantom Syntopia. It’s expected to take around six months of work, including pattern development, crafting and applying the petals, embroidery, fitting and tailoring.


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