First Peek: Luxgen Neora

First Peek: Luxgen Neora

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
27 Apr 2011

Neora integrates LUXGEN’s intelligent technological expertise and the idea of green energy into the new intelligent electric concept. “neora perfectly represents LUXGEN’s brand spirit of Think Ahead, and the new form of appearance will be the design cues for LUXGEN’s upcoming models in the future. Its streamline flow, and the innovation of lightweight, as well as fuel economy, represent the novelty of LUXGEN’s energy saving future technologies. ” said Mr. James Shyr, Executive Vice President of HAITEC from Yulon Group.

“To transform the cold and rigid industrial product into one of the emotional kind” is the origin of the appearance of neora. The brand DNA of LUXGEN, exquisite detail, beyond fashion, chic aesthetic, and innovation, are perfectly integrated on the design of neora, and create a strong visual effect. The unrestrained flows like arrows shooting out are softened with brand DNA and fused into the muscular lines on the side of neora. The streamline flows from the front end to the whole body, and forms into a fresh, bold, and vivid vitality.

The front-wheel-drive intelligent electric neora is propelled by the 180kW electric induction motor. Its body weight is 1,600 kg, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h can be accomplished in 6.5 seconds, with the top speed of 250 km/h. The integrated high-power rechargeable battery can support 80% of the battery charging within only one hour, and the 48 kWh lithium-ion batteries give neora a range of up to 400km when it is fully charged. The enjoyment of the cozy sunshine and scenery views is offered through the PDLC electric glass sunroof. Rear passengers can enjoy the infotainment system through an LED screen, while the driver can enjoy the ergonomic seating and benefit from the convenience of checking important information on the head-up display. Another 9-inch active intelligent information system can exchange information with other vehicles, and on the meantime provide guidance on directions.

In terms of fuel economy, aerodynamics and aesthetics, the design of the front of neora is innovatively revolutionized. The minimum intake area decreases the drag coefficient and achieves both aesthetics and energy-efficiency. A groundbreaking design concept of electric power elements is applied on the headlights, as the illuminating components inside the headlights create the hi-tech visual effect. The larger angle of the rear side lights emphasizes the body lines and its strong characteristics.

“To create inspirations in mobile life” is the design concept of the interior of neora. The commitment of LUXGEN to environmental sustainability is communicated through the integration of natural and technological elements. Recycled wood is used to present the environmentally sustainable concept on both the colours and materials by applying the leather in earth tone colours to match the original wood scheme. The centre console also applies the raw wooden scheme which is originated from non-processed and non-dyed raw materials. Aside from sustainability messages, a natural pure innocence is expressed through the interior design. While using the eco-friendly trims, the combination of the materials and colours carries a clean green future, to which LUXGEN and neora are both committed.

“Genius” is the beginning of all the initiatives of LUXGEN, and “Luxury” enjoyment is the means to fulfill all the needs. “Genius” means to Think Ahead before our customers, and to think for our customers; the intelligent technology of LUXGEN provides a brand new inspiration to everyone. “Luxury” means to Think Ahead on the numerous details, and to care on the humane demands with respect. And a better prospect that LUXGEN is committed to, is becoming a greater reality in the near future.

Credits: wilswong

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