Q6 e-tron Is The First Audi To Be Based On VW Group’s All-New EV Platform

Q6 e-tron Is The First Audi To Be Based On VW Group’s All-New EV Platform

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
26 Mar 2024

Let’s hear from Audi’s CEO on the Audi Q6 e-tron…

"The PPE shows how we are pooling expertise within the Volkswagen Group and thus making electric mobility scalable. Thanks to the PPE, we are able to launch high-volume models with high technical standards in different segments and thus further electrify our portfolio".

Tell us more about its range

A new lithium-ion battery has been developed, featuring twelve modules and 180 prismatic cells. It boasts a total gross capacity of 100 kWh (94.9 kWh net), providing a range of up to 625km on a single charge, good for a system output of 285kW. A more potent SQ6 e-tron delivers 380kW. Staying true to its roots, initial models will be introduced with Quattro, before the addition of longer range rear wheel drive variants, depending on the market.

Does it juice up fast?

Thanks to 800‑volt technology and a maximum charging capacity of 270kW as standard, short charging stops are possible with the Audi Q6 e-tron. The 800-volt battery automatically divides into two equal voltage batteries. They can be charged simultaneously in parallel with up to 135 kW. Up to 255km can be recharged in 10 minutes. 10 - 80% charge takes 21 minutes. AC charging with up to 11 kW is possible at standard home chargers.

As with most EVs, it should be blistering quick?

The Q6 e-tron quattro accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. The SQ 6 e-tron takes 4.3 seconds. Top speeds are 210km/h and 230 km/h respectively. Compare it with the noticeably quicker Macan EV sitting on a similar platform - that’s how Audi (and VW Group in essence) positions the Q6 e-tron.

Pin-point sharpness with OLED tech

The Audi Q6 e-tron features an innovative light signature achieved through sophisticated software and OLED technology. With six OLED panels and 360 segments, it generates dynamic images every ten milliseconds.

Cockpit features… “softwrap”?

The interior of the Audi is designed with a three-dimensional and high-contrast layout, placing elements to enhance spatial architecture and ergonomic comfort. The Audi MMI panoramic display and the MMI passenger display provide a visually clear digital interface. The interior is accentuated by the "Softwrap" that extends seamlessly from the doors across the cockpit.

EV agility

For the first time in an Audi, the control arms are positioned in front of the suspension arms. This results in package advantages for the positioning of the high-voltage battery. The newly developed components lead to improved kinematic properties.


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