Shell Introduces Newly Formulated FuelSave 98 and 95, V-Power and FuelSave Diesel

Shell Introduces Newly Formulated FuelSave 98 and 95, V-Power and FuelSave Diesel

James Wong
James Wong
06 Apr 2023
Shell GO+ users will receive exclusive offers to enjoy even bigger fuel savings of up to 30.65% via the Shell Asia app.

Shell is launching new and improved formulation for all fuel grades in Singapore – Shell V-Power, Shell FuelSave 98, Shell FuelSave 95 and Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Shell’s new fuels launch is the result of five years of research and development by over 150 fuels scientists around the world. It claims that with the advent of small capacity engines that produce more power, they typically run hotter, have higher loads and pressure. All of this may lead to higher carbon deposits and wear - and this is where Shell fuels can come in to keep engines clean and protected.

According to Shell engineers, just one fuel tank of its fuel is already able to effectively clean a car’s engine, although multiple cycles will ensure a more thorough cleanliness. Shell also claims an additional 15 km can be gained from an average fuel tank of 50-litres versus previous formulations of Shell FuelSave 98 and 95 - very impressive indeed.

Shell V-Power
V-Power is Shell’s most famous fuel, and in this latest formulation it cleans 100% of performance-robbing deposits and protects against future build-up on vital engine parts such as intake valves and fuel injectors. It contains three times more cleaning and protection molecules than Shell’s regular fuel and is claimed to restore up to 100% of an engine’s performance. It also provides protection against corrosion and wear. Shell says that the high-performance V-Power will work in both older and newer cars, including hybrid engines.

Shell FuelSave 95, 98 and Diesel
Improvements have also been made to Shell’s other fuels. Shell FuelSave 95, 98 and Diesel are designed to remove up to 65% of harmful engine deposits and to protect against future build-up. It can deep clean to remove harmful deposits and protects the condition of an engine, contributing to an improvement of 2% in fuel economy. Like V-Power, Shell FuelSave can be safely used for hybrid engines as well.

Specifically for Shell FuelSave Diesel, a full tank lasted up to 19 km longer. It also has new dual-action cleaning technology that removes harmful deposits and prevents against future build up in the Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs). Furthermore, it protects a vehicle’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system by keeping it clean.

Save up to 30.65% in fuel costs
Shell launched a promotional campaign for Shell GO+ users, who will receive exclusive offers to enjoy even bigger fuel savings of up to 30.65% via the Shell Asia app.

Track your mileage to win 15,000 points (worth $500) on Shell GO+
Shell is also running a Mileage Tracker Social Media Contest from April 6, 2023, to June 30, 2023. Mileage tracker cards will be available for collection at Shell stations island wide for customers to track their mileage with the new Shell FuelSave fuels. Customers can post a photo of their completed card in the comments section of the Shell Facebook page contest post and share how an extra 15 km can help them do more of what they love. To increase their chances of winning, customers may also post a photo of their completed log card on Instagram (with a public profile) with the hashtag #Shell15km.

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Photos by Darren Leong


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