Take A Look At Toyota’s New Flagship Showroom And Service Centre

Take A Look At Toyota’s New Flagship Showroom And Service Centre

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
25 Aug 2023

Aligned with its core principle of prioritising customers, Inchcape Singapore has unveiled its latest Omnichannel customer platform concurrent with the inauguration of its refurbished flagship Toyota Showroom and Service Centre. That push you needed to head to the showroom just got much more tempting, if Toyota’s promise to find the best car deal wasn’t enticing enough.

This Omnichannel solution guarantees a seamless experience that bridges the gap between digital and physical. From the initial stages of picking out a vehicle to post-purchase support, customers now possess the flexibility to transition between online and offline avenues in response to their buying patterns.

Central to this strategy is the integration of Inchcape's Digital Experience Platform (DXP) into the Toyota website. This integration incorporates a 'Build and Price Configurator' functionality, allowing prospective buyers to tailor their Toyota in accordance with their preferences, like exterior colour, interior features and gaining insights into financing and insurance schemes.

Within the showroom environment, the newly introduced SMART Q System employs license plate recognition to identify customers, subsequently dispatching queue tickets through automated SMS, thereby curtailing waiting times. Additionally, sales consultants are adept at furnishing personalised assistance based on the pre-established preferences stored in customers' 'My Account' profiles. If you think that Toyota merely provides a means of transport for those that treat driving as secondary, think again - the brand is eager to change that perception…


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