This Is Singapore’s Newest Exotic Car Storage Facility

This Is Singapore’s Newest Exotic Car Storage Facility

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
22 Mar 2024

If you’re based in Singapore and already have your hands on exotic cars and superluxury saloons, finding professional storage solutions for them might be next on your agenda. That’s what SpeedyMews aims to deliver - it claims to “offer a sanctuary where cars are not just stored, but pampered and cared for with meticulous attention to detail”.

Tailor-made vehicle storage solution?

SpeedyMews understands that life can be fast paced., leaving little time for car care. That's why they have offered a state-of-the-art car hotel where your vehicle can receive meticulous attention and care. Whether you own a classic or a high-performance machine, their tailor-made storage solutions ensure your car remains in peak condition, even when you're pressed for time.

There’s pre-storage prep, too

You’ll have access to mileage and photographic vehicle assessments, a full snow foam wash, climate-controlled storage, checking of tyre pressure and fluid levels, monthly engine warm up cycles and tyre rotation, CTEK trickle charging (to prevent battery draining) amongst others. These are handled by their full-time mechanics.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee will be S$6,000 per year (before GST) for one bay (able to interchange with other cars in your fleet) and comes with complimentary flatbed services, capped at 12 times per year.

There’s an app to track your car

The “Speedy” App allows customers to check their vehicle condition, contact concierge, schedule maintenance and process payments. Click here for more information.


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