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OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
06 Mar 2015
What we like:
The low range immediacy of torque and the sharpened handling overall handling and drive.
What we dislike:
Carbon ceramics don’t work too good for day to day driving and lacks pedal feel unless up to temperature.

Inside, the entire cabin seems to be swathed in Alcantara which is the standard trim though individuals can opt for other materials like Nappa leaather. While the overall layout of the interior hasn’t changed much from the 12C, the infotainment system has been improved and made to be more intuitive.

But the mainstays of the interior remain. The man-machine intimacy is fluently conveyed here. Sitting in the cockpit, one feels like an integral part of this machine’s existence. The excellent driving position and a sightline out of the vast windscreen makes visibility one of the key features of the McLaren.

Granted the new McLaren 650S is better in every measurable aspect compared to the older 12C it replaces but with the significantly heftier price tag, we’re not quite sure if it justifies replacing the 12C completely. We see the 650S more suited as a bridging option between the flagship P1 and the softer 12C than as a complete replacement.

The 650S would more adequately convey the sensibility of its improvements to a driver that regularly hammers the race track. However, for most local owners who are of the urban prowling variety, the firmer spring rates and improved agility might not matter as much.

Credits: Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline

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