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OneShift Car Of The Year 2022: Here Are The Nine Finalists

From a total of 74 cars we’ve tested in 2022, here are the best nine.
James Wong
James Wong
06 Dec 2022

With the jury working overtime the last few weeks, we are now ready to share the nine finalists of OneShift Car Of The Year 2022.

There have been several notable trends this year. With COE at an all-time high, we have seen more premium cars launched this year than mass-market ones. Logically, the premium cars would have had proportionately smaller increases in their prices versus bread-and-butter models, and therefore ostensibly appear more attractive. So, if you’ve noticed many luxury models on the list, you know why! Coincidentally, both Audi and BMW have a great showing of two finalists each on the list.

We also noticed a swelling of the number of electric cars being offered. The result is a highly competitive EV category where we have 19 contenders, second only to the ICE category with 48 contenders. The Hybrid category was the smallest with only 7 contenders. The trend of rising EV offerings will continue, and we expect it to be our largest category in the coming years.

We’ve ranked all the cars we tested this year on the following 10 criteria: Handling, Comfort, Performance, Interior, Practicality, Build Quality, Features, Value, Sustainability and Ergonomics. The nine finalists, naturally, have scored the highest in their categories by combining scores from each of the 10 criteria.

Three of our nine finalists will be winners in their respective categories, and one of them will eventually be crowned the overall winner. Next week, we will reveal the three category winners. Stay tuned!

And so, here are the nine finalists, in alphabetical order:

OneShift Best Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Car Of 2022

Audi RS 3

The RS 3 has been a bit of an underdog the last few generations, but it has truly heated up the stakes with the game-changing ‘RS Torque Rear’ or better known as drift mode. It’s well-built, reasonably comfortable, offers the security of quattro yet the ability to pivot the rear out with ease, and has that rare inline-5 beast of an engine paired to a near perfect s-tronic dual-clutch gearbox. It’s in the running because it’s such a quantum leap over its predecessor and has a fighting chance to be the best in its segment.

BMW M240i Coupe

The M240i Coupe has cleaned up well and offers 4-Series like space, comfort and refinement. Its engine is surprisingly vocal in this day and age, while its xDrive drivetrain makes it hard to beat as a cross-country warrior. It’s less playful than in the past, but offers a classic BMW coupe formula that’s still hard to beat.

Porsche 911 GT3

It’s grown in size and weight, but it retains that stupendous naturally aspirated high revving boxer six that in itself probably gained the GT3 a ticket of admission into the finalists list. The PDK gearbox is near faultless and it’s a 911, so everybody wants one. This car feels less raw than the last though, with lighter steering and an overall feeling of a larger, more mature car. Still, it’s one of the purest sports cars one can buy today, which is why it made our list.

OneShift Best Hybrid Car Of 2022

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

The Santa Fe Hybrid, equipped with the world’s 1st engine with Continuously Variable Valve Duration technology, offers high levels of efficiency and performance for the hybrid class. This 4th generation model retains the practicality element that made earlier models popular. It also comes well equipped and ranks competitively for the smoothness and refinement of its drivetrain.

Kia Niro Hybrid

The Niro Hybrid, back with its 2nd iteration, manages to keep the Kia flag flying high in the small-hybrid crossover segment. Retaining all the characteristics that made its first generation a success, the new Niro Hybrid takes it up a notch by adding a good dose of style and quality. It packs both style and substance with its dual-clutch gearbox and accurate steering, making it a perfect and sustainable choice for any 1-car family.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 is a tried-and-tested formula, and it’s the steady type in class who’s always dependable. Offering all of the space and practicality you could wish for, it’s fiercely economical and pleasingly relaxing to drive. One can’t go wrong with the RAV4, but is that enough for it to be the best-in-class? Ranking amongst the top certainly proves consistency is key.

OneShift Best Electric Car Of 2022

Audi e-tron GT

Despite being the entry point to Audi’s grand tourer-line of BEVs, the e-tron GT manages to retain the feeling of being nothing less than special. Its stunning and futuristic looks are matched by its spellbindingly quick pace. The e-tron GT’s excellent balance between comfort, decent driving range and sportiness makes it an excellent choice as an everyday sports (BEV) tourer.

BMW i4 eDrive40

It’s probably the first electric car from BMW that looks genuinely sexy with none of the quirks associated with EVs. It’s still the svelte 4-door coupe that is based on the 4-Series Gran Coupe, yet with a superbly refined chassis that’s keen to show you it’s a BMW through and through with its classic rear-driven layout. And it costs less than the 430i Gran Coupe, while being almost as fast as a M440i Gran Coupe in a century sprint. There’s a lot going for it.

BYD Atto 3

A most unexpected new entrant but one that has really proved its mettle right from the get go. BYD has been progressing leaps and bounds and it’s most obvious in the Atto 3. Original and refreshing, while being highly efficient with decent power and long range, it’s a serious contender for shaking up the EV market.

Photos by Horizon Drivers' Club

Editorial input from Joel Foo and Ronald Chua

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