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Here Are Some Of The Most Expensive Cars Listed On Carousell

We did the heavy lifting as well to remove troll-level listings!
Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
18 May 2023

The lure of a new car purchase can be addictive for some - dealer-led warranty schemes for spanking new and reliable sheetmetal make for a fuss free ownership experience. In an ideal scenario this makes plenty of sense, especially if you’re after one that can cover ground efficiently without having to set the tow truck owner’s mobile number on speed dial.

But the sums do not match up - for a new, relatively premium family-friendly car you’ll have to fork out almost six figures of downpayment. Realistically, it’s out of reach for many given how expensive other big ticket items like properties have become. Thus we fall back on used car classifieds to uncover deals that match our budget.

We toggle with the filters, set our ideal annual depreciation based on our budget and come to a realisation that our theoretical shortlist seems perched nearer to far fetched dreams. A couple of clicks later and you’re at million dollar car listings, and the search for your car comes to a premature halt. The fun begins - perhaps that’s the distraction we all needed in this wacky world of crazy car prices…

Lotus 340R

Price: S$1,200,000

While we’re not hoping for bang for buck deals in this rarefied segment, the Lotus 340R’s price could still raise a couple of eyebrows. This chunk of cash can bag you an oven fresh BMW XM (with spare change). It completes the 0-100km/h sprint faster while keeping you cocooned in a lap of luxury. But we’re missing the point entirely here - the 340R epitomises Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s philosophy of “simplify, then add lightness”. At just a lick over 700kg, it will take minimal effort for the 1.8-litre motor to send the 340R off to the horizon.

Only 340 were made and it’s the only 340R in Singapore, which means exclusivity is guaranteed. A quick check on UK classifieds revealed only the press car listed for sale, which could infer that most owners are happily gunning them down race tracks with no alternatives in mind. Listings like this in Singapore don't come by often. It’s a price tag only a handful can afford, and for the rest of us we’re thankful that cars built for petrolheads (and worth this much) still rank up there in the desirability scale.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Price: S$1,690,000

With an annual depreciation costing more than a brand new, fully paid Mercedes-Benz CLA, it should come as no surprise that this Ferrari 812 Superfast turns heads in more ways than one. Granted, modern day supercars like the Lamborghini Revuelto have managed to retain the V12, while having electric motors push performance figures past 1,000bhp.

But there’s something about unfiltered, unassisted V12 engines from Ferrari that ignites senses. We reckon 6.5-litres worth of cylinders that can scream past 8,000rpm played a part. A JBL sound system’s thrown in for good measure. Now, bets are placed for one who can afford this to also cross shop for an equally-priced 1 bedroom apartment at One Shenton, or a commercial HDB shophouse at Ang Mo Kio.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended

Price: S$3,288,888

The canvas is pretty much blank when it comes to speccing your Rolls-Royce. From Phantom Syntopia’s “Weaving Water” starlight headliner that uses a single sheet of leather selected from over 1,000 hides, to Boat Tail’s rear deck swathed in Royal Walnut veneer, inlaid with rose gold-plated pinstripes with a satin-brushed finish - literally anything can be had, limited only by your wildest imagination. But if you prefer to skip the process of speccing your dream Rolls, a Phantom Extended can be had right now, for the same amount of dough as a 5-bedroom condo at Queens Peak.

Sure, the all-electric Spectre’s arrival is imminent, but timelines are pretty much inconsequential in the superluxury sphere. We’d argue that these works of art will appreciate over time, so gather a neighbourhood’s worth of friends to pitch your idea, fast…


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